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"Dedicated To Giving The Disadvantaged A Hand Up"

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Dick & Edith Haines House of Compassion and Prayer





The Mission of the Fourth Order of Francis and Clare is to continue the Franciscan embrace of the world and its people in the context of our times. We are a community of diverse people from many faiths and spiritual traditions, who maintain our practices within those traditions. This is the foundational strength of our community.


What we hold in common as persons is the experience of life. What we hold in common, whether we come from a theist or non-theist tradition, is the universal experience of an emanating love and compassion that infuses the world with life. That infusing compassion summons us all to discard the veils of separation and enter more consciously into union.


Fourth Order Mission Practice


·         To be fully present to one another in prayer, meditation, service and community.

·         To summon the peoples of this diverse world to cultivate a spirit of family and relationship with    one another as children of the divine mystery.

·         To invite all to the banquet of holy wisdom, not as converts but as companions. We are not a new religion.

·         To transform by being present in compassion with each other, our brothers and sisters in our own neighborhoods, and throughout the world.

·         To mirror union to a world suffering under the illusions of division.

·         To mainstream once again the questions that holy wisdom asks of us; as wisdom has asked throughout the generations from the beginning of time.

·         To face the challenges within us both individually and collectively.

·         To repent, repatriate, reconcile and forgive. To co-create, re-create and celebrate.

·         To be simple seeds of compassion coming from many paths scattered upon the earth.


The Foundations Program


As the Motherhouse of the Fourth Order, Compassion House serves as a center for Fourth Order spiritual formation. Through education programs, reflective sharing, contemplation and meditation.


Individuals who choose to participate in a Fourth Order Retreat are led through a personal reflective process which focuses on contemplation in action, Franciscan spirituality, mindfulness, humor, and the wisdom literature of the great traditions, particularly their own tradition.


We offer spiritual direction, retreats, and hermitage and meditation experience.


Individual spiritual direction and body work are available.


Active community services in Columbus, New Mexico or Palomas, Mexico are also part of the formation experience.


12 Step Fellowship


The Fourth Order at Compassion House sponsors 12 step spirituality through meetings, fellowship and 11th step days of reflection.


Veteran’s Spirituality


Those who have participated in war on behalf of their country have participated in, and witnessed, the deep levels of violence and hypocrisy in the human soul on a level most of us do not experience.


They bear for us in their hearts, minds, and bodies the incredible scars of this experience. These wounds include a felt sense of isolation, distrust, self hate, elevated anxiety, and a crisis of meaning.


The Fourth Order and Our Lady of Las Palomas Interfaith Retreat Center are committed to providing meaningful programming and an environment for spiritual reflection with veterans for veterans.