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Our Lady of Las Palomas Interfaith Center

"Dedicated To Giving The Disadvantaged A Hand Up"

URGENT: Volunteers and Financial Donations

A Faith-Budget which we hope to raise through

Individual and Corporate Donations, Grants & Foundations

         Border Cooperative Marketing & Development Plan

Two Cooperative Enterprise Development Coordinators: Grant writing

and Management, Recruiting, Training and Mentoring 10 new Volunteers and 60 new Artisans                    $50,000

Artisan recruiting and training                                                                                                                                  25,000

Internet access and marketing                                                                                                                                  21,000

Studio Space rental, utilities, telephone,                                                                                                                  25,000

Facility, Liability Insurance, audit                                                                                                                              7,000

Artisan Tools (Looms, Sewing Machines)                                                                                                                25,000

Food Stipend for most needy artisans                                                                                                                       17,000

                                                                                                                                                              Total          $170,000 Annually for three years

Our Lady of Las Palomas is now ready to take the next step in our commitment to the people of New Mexico and Mexico.  We have developed a faith-budget which you see above and have engaged two Cooperative Enterprise Development Coordinators to write grants, develop training and a marketing plan for the Border Cooperative, and recruit more artisans and volunteers.  They will assume their positions in May.   In the past we have relied on the generosity of The New Mexico Women’s Foundation, the Office of Border Health, the Wellness Coalition, the Southwest Deanery of the Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church, Church of the Southwest, St. Luke’s, and other churches and individuals to support our programs.   Your continued donations and support are important if we are to make this work for the good of all our families.  Please follow us on our website and Facebook. We’ll let you know how we’re doing.  We cannot do this good work alone! Thank you and God Bless.

Hunger Project

Volunteers: Project Coordinator

Financial: Ongoing donations to sustain $800/month food distribution URGENT!!!!

Material: canned foods and dry goods

Border Cooperative of Columbus

Volunteers: Cooperative project coordinator; class instructors for all types of handwork

Material: sewing materials and accessories; sewing supplies; weaving looms in good working order; wool yarn; 3 sewing machines: new or in good working order; sewing tables

Border Cooperative of Palomas

Financial: $250 for purchase of propane wall heater for cooperative workshop

Material: electric fans; storage shelves; 12 plastic outdoor stackable chairs

Our Lady of Las Palomas Compassion House/ Retreat Center

Material: paper goods - toilet paper, paper towel, paper napkins, Kleenex; laundry detergent; dish detergent; bath soap; light bulbs; dust pan and brush; 2- night stand table lamps; 6 - 9 volt batteries for smoke detectors; 3 fire extinguishers; 2 clear new shower curtain liners; 2 garden hoses; 2 outdoor garden benches; bird feeders; bird bath; picnic table and benches; 50 yards of shade cloth

Financial: donations for utilities, OLLP van automobile insurance, registration, maintenance, gas; donations towards additional retreat buildings (portable)

Our Lady of Las Palomas Chapel

Volunteers:  paint inside chapel; weed labyrinth garden; weed St. Francis garden; night stand table lamp

Material: tile and rug for new floor; dust pan and brush


Our Lady of Las Palomas is a non-profit, interfaith organization dedicated to simplicity, presence, sustainability and social justice on and over the border. Federal ID# TIN 85-0484103. Mailing address: P.O. Box 622, Columbus, New Mexico 88029. Telephone: 575-531-1101. Contact Rev. Kris Lethin, Temporary Executive Director and Treasurer


   Donation and Needs


It's Not Always Easy to Bear Witness but it is worth it.

Our Lady of Las Palomas Interfaith Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. - Federal ID # TIN 85-0484103

Donations By Check: 

Our Lady of Las Palomas Interfaith Center

P.O. Box 622

Columbus, New Mexico 88029