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Retreats and Special Events

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Our Lady of Las Palomas Interfaith Retreat Center Presents

The Rt. Rev. Rustin and Gretchen Kimsey

March 23-24, 2010

The Assisting Bishop of Alaska and Mrs. Kimsey will present a teaching on receiving the gift of Celtic Christianity at compassion House, 707 Grant Street, Columbus, NM from Noon March 23 until noon March 24, 2010.

The workshop will explore the Celtic world of Ireland and Scotland during the 700 years from Patrick's mission in 432 AD until the coming of the Anglo/Norman occupation in the 12th century.  The experience of the Celtic Church during those centuries offers unique windows into a remarkable integration of incarnation and creation-centered theology, a missionary strategy reflective of the hospitality of Jesus and an impressive church structure that invites inclusivity and shared responsibility. 

Rustin and Gretchen Kimsey were born and raised in eastern Oregon and have lived their lives there.  They have three children and two grandchildren...all living within the Pacific Northwest.  Gretchen raised her own family and then for twenty five years was a nurturer and teacher of four year olds in a Catholic school.  She is active in a variety of parish and community organizations.  Rustin was a priest for twenty years, a bishop (Eastern Oregon) for twenty years and has been privileged, in retirement, to serve as Assisting Bishop for Navajoland and Alaska.  Gretchen and Rustin have loved entering the Celtic Christian world for a number of decades.....the most recent was leading a sixteen day pilgrimage to Scotland and Ireland in 2007

For more information and a reading list on Celtic spirituality and to print out the registration form please see www.ourladyoflaspalomas.org

You may also call Compassion House: 575-531-1101 or the Rev. Judith Lethin at 907-830-9840 (cell)

 Recommended books to help you prepare for the workshop:       

How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill

The Wisdom of the Celtic Saints by Ed Sellner

Listening for the Heartbeat of God by J. Philip Newell

Early Celtic Christianity by Brendan Lehane

Sun Dancing..A Medieval Vision by Geoffrey Moorhouse

Devotional literature:         

The Rhythm of Life...Celtic Daily Prayer by David Adam

Sounds of the Eternal...A Celtic Psalter by J. Philip Newell

Carmina Gadelica...A Collection of Scottish prayers from Alexander Carmichael

Christmas 2008 in Palomas


When the Heart Weaves a Home

Culture, Family, Community

Master Weaver, Merle Andersen, Haida Tribe-Raven Moiety, is coming to Our Lady of Las Palomas Hermitage and Retreat Center February 15-16-17, 2008 and will co-lead a retreat with The Rev. Judith Lethin.  Merle is a Haida elder carrying on the tradition of weaving sacred regalia, baskets and talisman necklaces from cedar bark that she gathers from the ancient old growth forest near her home on Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Merle will teach students to weave a talisman necklace from cedar bark and share stories from her culture, family and community.  Judith will lead students in periods of silent reflection and journal writing that will help them reconnect to their own spiritual and creative roots.